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Is dating after forty really as hard as they say?

Well, Evie doesn't want to find out! Evie Jones is a widow of three years, with an eighteen-year-old daughter. Struggling to simplify her life and trying desperately to convince her daughter not to leave the nest. And her 'No Dating' rule is part of that struggle. So is selling her big house and moving into something smaller. To help with that plan, she hires a handsome contractor to complete her partially finished basement.

Sullivan Contracting owner Ryan Sullivan is still reeling from a bitter divorce. This handsome, hard-working bachelor, is starting to think he might stay that way. Especially after his best friends sign him up for a blind date that ends in disaster. But unbeknownst to them, Ryan has had his eye on someone special. Someone that has a strict 'No Dating' rule.

But when the attraction between Ryan and Evie builds, can Ryan convince Evie that some rules are made to be broken? Is he perhaps the one man capable of showing her that dating after forty doesn't have to be hard after all?

Steamy, funny, and romantic, Evie's Haven is a surprising mixture of laughter, swoon-worthy romance, and deeply emotional moments. Because life is messy, and laughter is too important not to share.

Evie's Haven ebook by Lisa Plaice

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