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Reading Glasses on Book



Reading Glasses on Book

My mission is to help new and indie authors get published in a gentle and supportive way – one of my authors refers to me as her book doula.  I’m here to be the same for others who need support and have a story to tell, and need help to take that next step.

I worked in the publishing industry for over 25 years, when I lived in NYC. Mostly freelance editing and proofreading for a couple of the Big Five publishing houses, and I honestly love this work.  And when I have friends - old and new - who are so talented, and need help bringing their work to life in the world, it's so natural to me to offer to help. From there things started to grow . . . and I decided to go official.   


So far, in my first year as a small press, I've published poetry, literary fiction, a short story collection, and of course my own work: romance that is sweet but also on the steamy side.

I'm looking for more fiction - mysteries and thrillers would be good! LGBTQ2S+ fiction or nonfiction would also be awesome. More romance. Children's books. Nonfiction in general is also a favourite of mine. And memoirs! The possibilities are wide open, and all genres are welcome. 


If you would rather publish your own work, but need help with developing, editing, and formatting your book for publication, let me introduce you to the other branch of my business - The Book Doula Editorial Services! I would love to help you craft your work into the best it can be, at every stage. I work one-on one, communicating with you directly with any questions or suggestions I have. I will do whatever you need to prepare your book for publication, and for success. You can message me for more details at


Please join me and my authors in this journey! 

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Running on coffee and imagination!

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