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"Into the rhubarb: headed off the road; to get into trouble; a brawl, argument, or squabble."

In her fifth volume of poetry, Carla Coles once again brings us into her inimitable inner world. This time, along with her odes to the pleasures of coffee and cake and writing, she delves into the darker emotions of betrayal, endings, and coming through the fire with her sense of humour intact and her gift with words honed to a new level of insight.

"Whether the subject matter is painful, wonderful, chaotically confusing, or simply the inappropriating of her own kaleidoscopic inner culture, Carla's perfectly parsed insights are never anything less than a delight. And sometimes there's a sly lesson about how to be human in an inhuman world." ~ Bruce Barber,author of Jetsam: New and Collected Fictions

Into the Rhubarb ebook by Carla Coles

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